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"Creating and reinforcing brand value is the basis for enduring profitable growth".

Larry Light  President, CEO                                                          

About Arcature

Arcature is a consulting company that advises companies on how to create, build and manage brands for enduring profitable growth. Arcature has a distinct approach to the brand management process. We call this approach Brand Value Management. It is a disciplined process that guides marketers in the implementation of the principles of brand value creation and management. It is not enough to build a big brand; the aim is to build a valuable brand. Valuable brands do not just happen. We must make them happen. We must have a never-ending commitment to creating, nurturing, defending and strengthening brand value.

As the developer and chief proponent of Brand Value Management (BVM), Arcature consults to a wide variety of marketers worldwide on branding policy and its implementation. Marketers in packaged goods, high technology, durables, services, corporate, business-to-business, and non-profit marketing have used the principles of BVM.  Arcature’s principles have been applied to established brands and new brands, across both developed and emerging marketplaces.

Arcature’s consulting includes such issues as developing a brand vision, creating a brand management process and policies, managing global brands, defining the market focus, building brand power, evaluating brand value, identifying the drivers of brand value, creating and reinforcing brand loyalty, developing a brand identity policy, structuring a brand portfolio, measuring brand strength, and developing brand plans and programs.

Arcature conducts presentations and seminars on the concepts underlying BVM and its associated Operating System. Arcature develops customized internal educational programs including branding “universities” and the creation of customized branding handbooks and other internal learning documents.


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