Six Rules of Brand Revitalization, Second Edition:

Learn the Most Common Branding Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

By Larry Light and Joan Kiddon


Are you responsible for reinvigorating your brand to achieve enduring profitable growth? Or for keeping a strong brand from fading in relevance and value? World-class brand marketers Larry Light and Joan Kiddon specialize in revitalizing great brands to reignite and sustain growth. Now, they’ve updated their best-selling Six Rules of Brand Revitalization to deliver all the practical insights and techniques you need to do it, too.

Light and Kiddon show how to apply their foundational rules today, serving today’s informed and skeptical customers. Step by step, you’ll refocus your organization, restore brand relevance, reinvent brand experience, reinforce a “results culture,” rebuild brand trust, and realize global alignment. The authors reveal core “truths” for avoiding brand deterioration, identify warning signs of trouble, and offer specific techniques for overcoming them.

Building on their experience leading McDonald’s last marketing turnaround, Light and Kiddon also present a new online case study: how this world-class brand slipped back into the abyss… and how it can win again. Whether you steward a great brand today, or you’re building tomorrow’s next great brand, these lessons are indispensable.

New Brand Leadership

By Larry Light and Joan Kiddon


New Brand Leadership delivers the first complete, proven blueprint for organizing and executing on global brand marketing. It reflects the authors’ 50+ years of combined experience driving global brand leadership and measurable results across a wide range of industries, at companies ranging from Mars to Nissan, IHG to YUM! Brands.

Larry Light and Joan Kiddon show how to drive value by successfully managing at the intersection of globalization, localization, and personalization. They introduce Arcature’s proven Collaborative Three Box Model, guiding you step-by-step through creating brand vision, defining brand framework, bringing your brand to life, and then measuring your performance.

They offer specific, high-value recommendations regarding cultural change, organizational responsibilities, structure, metrics, and much more. You’ll find proven solutions to tough real-world global branding challenges, including managing tensions between global and local, central and regional, and brand leadership vs. brand management.

Six Rules for Brand Revitalization

By Larry Light and Joan Kiddon

Revitalize your brand, in six steps! Learn how to...

  1. Refocus Your Entire Organization
  2. Restore Your Brand’s Relevance
  3. Reinvent Your Brand Experience
  4. Reinforce an End-to-End “Results Culture”
  5. Rebuild Brand Trust
  6. Realize Global Alignment


Are you responsible for reinvigorating your brand to achieve enduring profitable growth? Or for keeping your still-strong brand from fading in relevance and value? This extraordinary book teaches the invaluable lessons of one of the most successful brand revitalization projects in business history: the reinvigoration of McDonald's®. Larry Light, the Global Chief Marketing Officer who spearheaded McDonald's breakthrough marketing initiatives, presents a systematic blueprint for resurrecting any brand, and driving it to unprecedented levels of success. Light and coauthor Joan Kiddon illuminate their blueprint with specific examples from McDonald's experience, offering detailed “dos" and "don'ts" for everything from market segmentation to R&D to executive leadership. You'll discover how to refocus your entire organization around common goals and a common brand promise...restore brand relevance based on a profound knowledge of your customers...and reinvent your total brand experience, leveraging innovation, renovation, marketing, and value. Light and Kiddon reveal how to define and measure progress, rebuild brand trust within and outside the organization, create a “plan to win," and execute on it!