We Do

Our Consulting Services

Arcature's main focus is consulting to help clients build enduring and growing brand value.

Our consulting services include:

  • Brand revitalization
  • Developing a brand vision and promise
  • Creating a brand management process and policies
  • Managing global brands
  • Defining the market focus
  • Building brand power
  • Creating a brand framework
  • Developing a brand “Plan to Win”
  • Developing brand plans and programs
  • Creating a brand-building culture
  • Organizing for effective brand management
  • Evaluating brand value
  • Identifying the drivers of Trustworthy Brand Value
  • Creating and reinforcing brand loyalty
  • Structuring a brand portfolio
  • Measuring brand strength

Additional Services

We have designed presentations for top management, middle management, finance, R&D, sales conferences, dealer and distributor conventions, off-site management workshops and meetings, advertising agencies, public relations companies, trade associations and others.
These seminars are designed to get into the concepts of Brand Value Management (BVM) in greater detail.
Market Research
We advise on the design of market research projects. We can also serve as the general contractor on various market research projects.
We customize an appropriate course of education to meet a company’s needs. Our courses provide the skills and knowledge needed to implement Brand Value Management.
Larry has been on the speaking circuit for decades and is considered to be a motivating, entertaining and provocative speaker. Read more about Larry.
Expert Witness Testimony
Larry has testified in legal cases where brand equity and intellectual property issues were under scrutiny. He has testified before the US Senate as well as courts in the US and Canada. His opinions on trademarks as brands were included in a decision of the Supreme Court of Canada.