Your Brand is Your Business.
Helping you Build and Keep your Brand is Our Business.

You spend a lifetime building your brand, product or service….spend a small amount of time making sure it lasts your lifetime.
That is our business…protecting your brand.

Introducing Trustworthy Brand Value Management

It is a disciplined process that guides marketers in building powerful brands, growing brand loyalty and preference, generating enduring profitable growth. It is not enough to build a big brand; the aim is to build a trustworthy valuable brand. Valuable brands do not just happen. We must make them happen. We must have a never-ending commitment to creating, nurturing, defending, and strengthening Trustworthy Brand Value.

Our Clients

Arcature® consults to a wide variety of marketers worldwide on brand turnarounds; brand development; branding policy and its implementation; brand-focused organizational alignment; and internal marketing.

Marketers in Packaged Goods, High Technology, Durables, Hospitality, Restaurants, Services, Corporate, Business-to-Business, and Non-Profit Marketing have used the principles of Trustworthy Brand Value. Arcature’s principles have been applied to established brands and new brands, across both developed and emerging marketplaces.

The Futureproof Brands Podcast is hosted by legendary brand experts Larry Light and Joan Kiddon, Futureproof Brands is a podcast for marketers and C-suite professionals.

With expertise derived from years of global experience on the client side, at ad agencies and as consultants, their provocative insights on current brand news provide authoritative, mini-case histories analyzing brand-building strategies that educate, engage and entertain.

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