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Common Sense Should Become Common

Here is some brand common sense. In order to be purchased, a brand must first be considered. The original advertisements for the New York State Lottery: “You can’t win it if you’re not in it.” Well, the same goes for consideration and purchase. Common sense. Yet, a major consulting firm McKinsey & Co. has collected […]

Baloney! Boy, Cost, Cut, Buy

The 3G Capital approach is to buy a company and cut costs until there is nothing left to cut. To continue to earn profit, 3G Capital has to buy another company to make the initial investment look profitable. So, it should not be a surprise that 3G Capital took a sledgehammer to Kraft Heinz, closing […]

East Does It: The Three Dimensions of Ease

Make life easy. Keep it simple. Be convenient. These are benefits that will never go out of date. The proliferation of product and service options, and the diffusion of accelerating technologies have made decision-making more difficult than ever. Information overload sometimes confuses rather than confirms, making us uncertain. Through the use of technology, we some […]

All’s Fair: Brands Must Be The Forefront Of Fairness

Institutional trust is in serious decline. Sadly, as the surveys show, people around the world no longer trust government, healthcare systems, political systems, educational entities, leaders, experts, social systems, financial communities, news media, religious institutions, and so forth. Increasingly, we trust peers of unknown expertise on rating sites and their reviews. We trust online communities, […]

Be Relevant. Be Different, Or, Be Nothing

The retail world just provided another example of the importance of relevant differentiation. Sam’s Club is closing 10% of its 660 stores, as reported by Sarah Nassauer in The Wall Street Journal. Sam’s Club is the Walmart version of a bulk-item membership shopping experience. It is Walmart’s version of Costco. Sam’s Club CEO, John Furner, […]

I Cant Sleep at Night, But Just The Same

CAN’T SLEEP AT NIGHT, BUT JUST THE SAME, I NEVER WEEP AT NIGHT, I CALL YOUR NAME CAN WHAT YOU CALL YOUR BRAND CHANGE YOUR BRAND? Special thanks to The Mamas & Papa’s for the lyric: it leads us t o a prominent, pervasive element of marketing. Brand naming is big business. Brand name creators […]

Permissible Pleasure

Established food brands, set in their ways, are having suffering sales difficulties. Food is an area where paradoxical turbulence is having extraordinary impact. We want healthful food and indulgent food; we want diet and delight. This is a massive opportunity for a permissible pleasure. According to Bloomberg.com, “We want to eat healthier but are also […]

Source Branded Portfolios Bring Brands Together

From Marriott to Amazon to Nestlé to Google to Apple to Unilever to LG to Neutrogena to Source-Branded Portfolios are increasing in importance. With a shared common, source of credibility, individual brands can focus on developing and strengthening their specialness. In a highly competitive, highly fractionated, fast-paced environment, resources are better often better spent behind […]