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Carhartt: Old is New

In 2003, McDonald’s was, as BusinessWeek stated, “In Hamburger Hell.” McDonald’s subsequent turnaround had many facets. One of McDonald’s critical strategies was modernizing the brand-business without jeopardizing its heritage. In other words, McDonald’s aimed to evolve its heritage for today without losing its roots from yesterday. Brand-businesses can live forever, but only if properly managed. […]

UPS And The Omen For Marketing

UPS ditched its CMO. And, UPS eliminated the CMO role completely. While it is true that that marketing does not solve every organizational problem, it is also true that the CMO role, when executed properly, is a necessity.  This rejection of the CMO and the role is not a surprise. But, it is a bad […]

Applebee’s And The Loss Of Neighborhood

Local continues to be a driver for customers. Grocery stores like Publix and Whole Foods label items that are locally produced. Farmers’ markets are a draw for shoppers wanting produce that have not accrued a lot of air mileage. Craft fairs and art shows emphasize local creativity and talent. One of the strongest drivers of […]

Wayfair and Burger King Forget That Its People Come First

Marketing has some important evergreen principles. One principle is this: just because a brand-business is customer-focused does not mean that customers come first. Customers come second. Customer-focused employees come first. Regardless of your industry, employees are the frontline when it comes to customer relationships. Internal brand-business pride is an essential success factor affecting brand-business outcomes. […]

Stitch Fix And The Perils of Subscription Personalization

Based on the business press, you might believe that subscription services are booming. And, for many subscription services, there is an upward trend. Netflix is doing well. Amazon Prime is doing well. But, according to The Wall Street Journal, subscription clothing brand-business, Stitch Fix is having difficulties. Modern Retail points out that Stitch Fix’ 2023 […]

Abercrombie & Fitch And Vans Brand-Business Turnarounds Focus On The Core

A theme of recent business press writing is brand-business turnarounds. For example, Barron’s, the financial newspaper, points to the successful turnaround at clothing retailer Abercrombie & Fitch. The Wall Street Journal reports on the underway turnaround at VF’s Vans, the sneaker brand-business. Brand-business turnaround strategies are not the same as conventional growth strategies. A conventional […]

Max Needs A Brand-Business Architecture Policy

One overlooked area in brand-business learning is the necessity for creating and implementing a brand-business architecture policy. Why is a brand-business architecture policy necessary?  A brand-business architecture policy defines how the brand-businesses in your portfolio relate to each other. A brand-business architecture policy is an identity approach needed to define the roles of brand-businesses in […]

Seven Survival (Re)Solutions Brand-Businesses

There were brand-businesses that did not survive in 2023. Bed, Bath & Beyond, Rite Aid, SmileDirectClub, Lordstown Motors to name a few. There are several reasons for the demise of these brand-businesses. However, there are evergreen principles for building and maintaining powerful brand-businesses. Here are seven solutions for surviving in a changing world. Many of […]

The Hotel Industry Should Take a PageFrom BA’s Legendary World’s Favourite Airline Campaign

Let’s talk about “Brand Essence.”  Brand Essence derives from a brand-business’ Brand Promise. To be relevantly differentiated, every brand-business must have a Brand Promise. Brand Promise defines the relevant, differentiating, trustworthy expected brand experience the brand-business will deliver time after time. Brand Promise describes what a brand is intended to stand for in the mind […]

Place is the Face of the Brand: Macy’s, Nordstrom, Zara, H&M Search For The Perfect Space

In 2017, pre-pandemic, Starbucks founder and Chairman, Howard Schultz, said that the way forward for brand-businesses is making your branded space an “experiential destination.” The Starbucks CEO, Kevin Johnson said, “To survive, merchants need to create unique and immersive in-store experiences.” Today, after several years of lock-downs, people are shopping outside of their homes. People […]