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Lincoln Channels 1989 Infiniti Debut

Once upon a time, someone at Ford Motor Company may have known what the Lincoln brand stood for in the customer’s mind. But, that was then. Over the years, defining Lincoln has been a challenge.  In 2019, Lincoln decided the brand would be American Luxury. That was an undefined title. It was left to the […]

Whirlpool And The Need For Ease Of Mind

Whirlpool makes home appliances. A lot of these home appliances are “smart.” This means the appliances can be connected to your in-home WIFI and stream your behaviors and your appliances’ “health” back to Whirlpool.  Unfortunately for Whirlpool, it appears that customers are not buying into this “relationship.” Customers have either disabled or not synced the […]

Stitch Fix Continues To Find Itself In A Serious Brand Fix

Stitch Fix, the online personal shopper clothing brand, has a problem. The brand is losing active customers, closing warehouses, laying off staff and is bringing back its founder as CEO to right the ship. Data indicate that since the height of pandemic shopping, Stitch Fix lost 95% of its value. The Wall Street Journal states […]

Spark by Hilton: Hotels Must Focus on Need-State Occasion-Driven Segments

Hilton just introduced a new hotel brand in its Elevated Essentials group of hospitality offerings. The Elevated Essentials category comprises Hilton Garden Inn, Hampton by Hilton, Tru by Hilton and the latest entry, Spark by Hilton. The overarching description of the Elevated Essentials group is “Signature amenities and services in all the places you want […]

The EV Challenge: Brand Loyalty Is More Than Trial

Let’s discuss brand loyalty. It used to be a principle of marketing that a brand needed trial and repeat before you had brand loyalty. In fact, at the haven of marketing, P&G, the concept was three tries before you could feel comfortable that a customer had become a loyal customer. And, this makes sense. Brand […]

Do’s and Don’ts for 2023

It has been a wild year for marketers. Based on events of 2022, here are some do’s and don’ts to keep in mind for 2023. Do’s Do know the business in which you do business. Please be specific. For example, you are not in the restaurant business; you are not in the fast food business; […]

Dollar General Chooses Market Segmentation

Market segmentation is fundamental to brand-business building. When creatively and intelligently managed, market segmentation can provide insight into: Dollar General applied market segmentation to generate its two-year-old pOpshelf brand-business. Without altering its brand promise, Dollar General is leveraging market segmentation to expand its footprint with pOpshelf. Dollar General is not alienating its core customer base […]

Beyond Meat: A Brand-Business Needs a Relevant Differentiated Brand Promise

In its latest earnings call, Beyond Meat articulated a three-step turnaround plan. Observers, investors and analysts agree that Beyond Meat is a troubled brand-business in need of a turnaround. In yet another analysis of Beyond Meat on CNN, there was the familiar litany of issues. As CNN points out, Beyond Meat is facing a “waning” […]

Macy’s: A Mall Within A Mall

Is the rejuvenation of retail going to be the idea of a mall within a mall?  While some retail establishments bit the dust after years of overwhelming debt and pressures from coronavirus, some surviving stores are giving up the old “department” store approach for the idea of a store within a store. And, logically, as […]