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Claire’s Pierced The Boredom Barrier With Global Innovation

For retailers, Covid-19 did a lot more than create supply chain disruptions causing huge inventories of unwanted items and changes in customer behaviors. Retailers put innovation on the back burner. According to The Wall Street Journal, retail brand-businesses “paused” innovation for the past three years. A playing-it-safe strategy was adopted by multiple retail establishments. Best […]

Darden’s Restaurants Inc.: Where Success Depends Strongly On The General Manager As Brand Manager

Darden Restaurants Inc. owns some favorite dining brands including Olive Garden, Capital Grille, LongHorn Steak House and others. Restaurants, in particular, rely on their people to deliver a brand’s experience in a quality manner, time and time again.  Especially important are General Managers. When it comes to the service business, the General Manager is the […]

American Express’ Three-Legged Stool For High Quality Revenue Growth

American Express weathered the pandemic with a three-legged stool strategy. American Express’ strategy was, and still is, to protect its customers, its people and its brand, according to an interview with CEO Stephen Squeri for the financial paper, Barron’s. American Express’ strategy is brand-business-leadership common sense. Unfortunately, there is less common sense in brand-business leadership […]

OK Meta. But, The Year of Efficiency Still Needs Leadership Marketing And Galvanizing Goals

There is another piece of news coming out of Silicon Valley aside from the banking debacle. And, that is Meta’s “year of efficiency” planning. Apparently, Meta’s leader, Mark Zuckerberg, has just discovered the benefits of financial discipline and operational excellence. In his recent memo to Meta employees, Mr. Zuckerberg indicated that this year will require […]

Premiumization: Welcome To The World Of Specialty Doughnuts

Over the past two years, brands raised prices at record rates. In fact, many brands raised prices every quarter over the past two years. Consumers are starting to push back. But, brands, conscious of their margins, are finding ways to raise prices in, shall we say, more creative ways. If the last two years has […]

Amazon’s Grocery Future

The latest news in brick-and-mortar retailing is that Amazon is “doubling down” on grocery. According to an interview in Financial Times, CEO Andy Jassy indicates that Amazon is planning to “go big” in grocery. Current formats such as Amazon Fresh and Amazon Go have not been the game-changers that Amazon and observers expected. The 2017 […]

AB InBev Embraces Occasion Segmentation

AB InBev is the owner of over 500 drinks brands including national beers (Budweiser, Stella Artois, Corona Extra) canned cocktails, craft beers, energy drinks, etc.. In an interview for The Wall Street Journal’s C-Suite Strategies section, the CMO of AB InBev discussed the changes in the Group’s brand marketing. One significant change is the focus […]

The Hermès-NFT Trademark Suit Did Not Change Brand Legality

There is no legal definition of a brand. This is a marketing sin. Maybe you think the issue of brand legality is not relevant for your marketing efforts. Or, maybe you think that new legal cases testing the limits of trademark law in a techno-digital world are for Intellectual property lawyers, theorists or academicians. The […]

Lincoln Channels 1989 Infiniti Debut

Once upon a time, someone at Ford Motor Company may have known what the Lincoln brand stood for in the customer’s mind. But, that was then. Over the years, defining Lincoln has been a challenge.  In 2019, Lincoln decided the brand would be American Luxury. That was an undefined title. It was left to the […]