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Five Phases For Effective Brand Design

Brand experiences are not positioned, they are designed. A Brand Design Process has 5 phases, all linked around customer insight and communicated through effective marketing. Think of this process as the circle of brand life.

The 8 P’s Of The CVS Plan To Win

CVS, the retail pharmacy-healthcare chain that also owns Aetna insurance, created a platform for progress with the goal of taking a prominent position providing continuing health care to communities.

Speak Up, Don’t Give Up

In this coronavirus world, many brands are halting ad campaigns in lieu of figuring out what to say to us. Now is not the time for familiar brands to lose their voice. These brands should stand up for what they stand for.

Five Critical Elements Of A Compelling And Enduring Brand Vision

A brand-business vision defines the common direction for all actions on behalf of the enterprise. Without a defined direction, a brand can lose its way. As a powerful vision guides the business through good times and bad times. A powerful vision frames the present and creates the future.