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Brand Journalism and Trust in the 20’s

Larry Light has released two new pieces on Brand Journalism and Trust that sets the tone for how marketers should be thinking in the new year. Check out each of his posts now: Brand Journalism Is Alive And Well ‘Trust Me’ Advertising Does Not Build Trust. Create A Trust Agenda.

Larry Light In Forbes.com: Can Beyond Meat Be Called Meat?

Fighting about labeling of food and beverage offerings is increasing: Can almond milk be called milk? Can cashews make actual yogurt? Are pretzels really pretzels if made with cauliflower flour? Does a sausage made from pea protein have the right to be called a sausage? Does a peppered deli slice made from soy have the […]

Larry Light in Forbes.com: Activist Pressures For Demergers Will Hurt AT&T And Others

The financial engineers are at it again. Discussions about financial engineering routinely focus on massive debt accumulation, zero-based budgeting, share buybacks, increased dividends for investors and cost cutting. Now, the spotlight is on spinoffs. It turns out that spinoffs forced by activist investors can be damaging for the corporate brand that is asked to separate – […]